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Torturer’s Identity disclosed: Reza Hassanzadeh, the chief interrogator of Iran Revolutionary Guard’s Ramadan no. 81 secret detention

TorturerIdentity disclosed: Reza Hassanzadeh, the chief interrogator of Iran Revolutionary Guard’s Ramadan no. 81 secret detention  

According to the reports received by the Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran, the real identity of one of the most tyrant chief interrogators and torturers of a completely secret torture chamber called the No. 81 detention of “Protection and Intelligence of Ramadan Corps” affiliated to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards was disclosed. This detention is totally concealed and none of the prisoners is aware of his/her detention place.     
The name of this chief interrogator and torturer in no. 81 detention is “Reza Hassanzadeh”.
Reza Hassanzadeh is 37 years old, height 180 cm, weight about 72 pounds, and wears glasses. This person has a round white face with red cheeks, almost almond-shaped hazel eyes.
He is from Talatapeh rural district, one of Nazlou environs of Urmia Township. Torturer Reza Hassanzadeh currently resides in a corporate house related to the Intelligence of Revolutionary Guards of Urmia. He uses different nicknames to conceal his identity.  
He completed high school in Revolutionary Guard’s high school and then entered the Imam Hossein University affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards Corps and graduated in this University.
Reza Hassanzadeh is employed as lieutenant colonel in the Revolutionary Guards Corps. He is serving as the expert of opposition parties and groups in the Intelligence Service and is an espionage and counter-espionage expert of Protection and Intelligence of Revolutionary Guards Corps of West Azerbaijan province.
He is a truculent and inhumane torturer.
Political, ideological and ethnic detainees, women activists, journalists, students, dervishes and other social groups that are arrested in West Azerbaijan Province are transferred to the Detention 81 of Ramadan Revolutionary Guards Corps.
Here this person to force them to make false confessions against themselves uses brutal and medieval torture.
The physical tortures that he uses against the detainees include application of battery, sexual assault and various ways of sexual harassment.
He is skilled in the martial art of karate and kicks to sensitive parts of the body causing anesthesia to the victim. He has special skills in smashing in the head, hands, feet, ribs and the teeth, which cause breakage of the beaten body member.
Long-term insomnia and preventing the use of Sanitary services by the inmate; hindering the inmate from treatment of his broken body members due to the brutal tortures.
This way the arrested person is constantly faced with severe pains and in long-term he is affected with the chronic diseases.
The detainee’s fait since his arrest to the last stages of judicial procedure is determined by this man. In other words, Reza Hassanzadeh determines the type of conviction and communicates it to the prosecutor and ultimately the fake trial convicts the defendant to the same thing that Hassanzadeh has determined. From other inhuman acts by him, preventing the prisoner from having telephone contact with his family, depriving the prisoners from having meeting with their families, preventing from treatment of the political prisoners, exiling the prisoners to far distances eras and keeping him in inhuman living conditions can be mentioned.     
The address of this horrific and totally secret detention is as follows: The prison is located in Shahid Kalantari Road, between Mahdi and Heydr garrisons and is composed of many solitary confinements.
Our compatriots in West Azerbaijan are requested to send us a copy of the photo of this torturer if anyone has such photos, so that we could take more serious and effective measures against in international associations him and more brutal tortures by this tyrant torturer against the people in this province could be prevented. 
Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran urges the human rights organizations and international political associations to index his name under the Against Humanity Crimes lists and international human rights violators list. 

Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran
December 1, 2012

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