Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hanging of at least 8 prisoners in Gohardasht prison in Karaj city, Iran

Based on the received reports to "Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran", today morning, at least 8 prisoners in Gohardasht prison of Karaj, by the order of Mullah Ali Khamenei judiciary system were hanged. 
Today morning, Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012, at least 8 prisoners were hanged that the majority of them were held in Karaj penitentiary, and from Sunday waiting for execution in solitary confinements of Gohardasht prison, Section 5.
The names of several of them are as follows: 
1 - Sulaimani who was one of the guardians of the Gohardasht and Qezelhesar prisons 
2 - Hossein Karimi 
3 - General Esmaili 

During last days, two groups with 20 members of penitentiary and Qezelhesar prison in Karaj were transferred to solitary confinements for inhumane execution. 
On the other hand, 9 other prisoners were transferred from Qezelhesar prison in Karaj to solitary confinements to be executed. One of them, Ghasem Tajik , 40 years old born in Afghanistan, was executed, and 8 others were returned to their Halls. Hall 4, Unit 2, of Qezelhesar prison in Karaj is the place for holding Afghan prisoners, in which currently 110 prisoners are waiting for execution. 
The policy of bloody repression of Iranian people and group exections is taken by Supreme leader, Mullah Ali Khamenei, and is executed through Mullahs’ network that on its top are judiciary system, Intelligence Ministry, and the other repressive institutions. Mullah Ali Khamenei, who sees the public blasts of Iranian people ahead, has madly increased his crimes against humanity. 
“Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran”, condemns the group executions as a crime against humanity, and urges the general secretary of UN, high commissioner of human rights, and UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to refer the case of Supreme leader, Mullah Ali Khamenei, crimes against humanity to International courts. 

“Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran” 
13 November 2012 

This report was sent to following organizations: 
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights 
UN Special Rapporteur on Executions 
UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights 
Amnesty International

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