Thursday, November 8, 2012

Report on the Murder of Blogger Sattar Beheshti

The murdered Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti
Iranian blogger and activist, Sattar Beheshti was killed while in custody in Kahrizak detention, according to reports from inside Iran.

Beheshti, 35, was targeted by authorities for his online activities, and was arrested at his home in Robat-Karim in the southwest of Tehran last week. After one week in custody, authorities informed Beheshti’s family of his death, and requested they pick up his body.

In an interview Beheshti’s Mother stated:”It was around noon and I was at home when I heard noises at the entrance of our home. I opened the door and an individual asked me whether Sattar was home. Someone yelled while I tried to close the door shut. I tried to explain that my daughter may not be dressed appropriately, but they ignored my warning, entered the home and confiscated my son’s belongings, computer, notes and manuscripts.”

“They wouldn’t even allow my son to change his clothes before they took him. I asked one of the agents to untie his hands so he could change his clothes. They eventually did untie his hand and since that day I have had no news of my son. I have no idea where they took him. Our relatives informed me that the media outlets had published news regarding Sattar reportedly having bruises all over his body (arms, legs and face) and that the interrogators had refused to grant him medical treatment.”

According to reports from inside Iran, political prisoners in Evin’s general ward 350, encountered Beheshti, and detailed extensive signs of torture on his body.

In an interview, Behesthi’s Sister stated that authorities had called the house and said; ”Buy a casket and show up tomorrow to collect his body” they said. That’s it! We know nothing else! We have no idea why they killed him! We have no idea what transpired. My brother left the house healthy. He left voluntarily. Everyone witnessed that he was healthy. My brother never even took headache medicine. He was 100% healthy!”

“”He was my brother! Oh God! Oh God! … He was my brother… They killed my brother and told us they’d deliver his body tomorrow!”

” They told us not to give any interviews. We were told not to say a word. They said he had heart problems. What exactly had my brother done? He had done nothing! What had he said to deserve this? Three people came on that day. They handcuffed him and took him without an explanation. Not a word was said and it ended like this!”

Before his arrest, Beheshti wrote a lengthy blog post detailing the threats he had received;

They threatened me that my mother should prepare herself to wear black clothes indicating my killing, or that if I didn’t close my big mouth; they would make sure it would always stay opened for prayers.

If I write anything I hear and see, they will deal with me in any way that they want until I shut up otherwise they would make sure that I would be silenced without leaving any marks and signs for anyone to know what happened to me! “You will be in no one’s memory and you are a traitor to this nation!”

My intentions are not against my nation thus I’m not a traitor, I love my people, you are the real traitors in our country who does this to our people!

Day and night they threaten us with phone calls and letters, I can’t be be silenced with every expression because I’m an Iranian! I cannot be silenced against this suffering and tragedy!
Beheshti’s last blog post can be read here.

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