Thursday, November 8, 2012

Last blog post by martyr Sattar Beheshti

They threaten me: "keep your mouth shut, or your mouth will be closed."
Recently, the Islamic Republic of Iran has put the activists and independent Iranians under severe pressure; so that they have been deprived of expressing their opinion about the country’s affairs.
To intimidate the people, they do everything, from threatening, to detaining and torture! Every day they put a new obstacle on the way of the ordinary people. Sending threatening emails and messages, and beating in the streets is the minimum action they do!
Yesterday, I was threatened: “tell your mother soon she should morn you with black clothes if you do not close your big mouth."
I told them I am not doing anything wrong, forcing me to keep my mouth shut.  They tell me that I have a big mouth! I just write what I see and hear.
They say that: “we do everything we want. We will behave as we want; and you should keep quiet; and do not share any information, or you will be strangled; and there won't be any sign of you! Without anyone knowing what becomes of you! They claim that people of  Palestinian and Bahrain are suffering, and no one remembers them. You are a traitor!
Me and people like me are not traitors. We love our nation. You are the xenophobes and traitors.
Threatening telephone calls comes day and night. It is as if we must keep silence with every word of threat.
As an Iranian, I cannot be silent in the face of all adversity. I say, gentlemen, you talk to much, and you have brought destruction to this country with incredible nonsense. I will not remain silent; even if my death moment comes, I refuse to be intimidated by your treats and no matter where in the world these threats come from!
 Gentlemen, clam up: Do not be cruel, and we will not disclosure.
Islamic Republic cries over the tragedy in Palestine, Bahrain and many countries, and expresses concern over the lack of freedom of speech and flow of information in these countries! But yet they forget to mention where all these professionally taken films and photos come? They do not say how the world is unaware of the situation in those countries, while the regime’s reporters and the television network directly broadcast live from inside!
 Unilateral reports, and these and the people are forced to see and hear these things, so that you feel nausea and disgust of seeing IRIB network. Yet, they remain silent facing the plight of continued human rights violations! They do not mention the daily arrest, torture, imprisonment and mass executions. The regime puts the political prisoners in the worst conditions to break their moral so that they surrender. But there is no news of their where about to the lawyers: as a matter of fact, they are not even allowed to have a lawyer! More over the families of the prisoners are not informed about the well being of their loved ones! The regime constantly threatens the prisoners' families forbidding them of any interviews and giving information about their loved ones! They do not terminate the threatening process to this stage, and add: “if you spread any news about your imprisoned family members, you and your family lives will be compromised!”
They state “we arrest the females and other family members.” This is their slogan: “we arrest and torture, you may remain silent! Don’t say anything! Do not bring up awareness!"
Gentlemen! What kind of a law is this!? Where in the world has this kind of lawful been practiced? How in the world are you supposedly granting and gifting such judiciary system to people where this kind of law is enforced under tyrant systems! Believe me, the worst dictators in the world have not picked your kind of governing! And even if it was enforced, was under the rule of law! It did not proclaimed as a rule of God to distort the name of God and religion! Why should there be arrests, tortures, and executions, and the families be silenced?! Why won't you leave us alone, and let another government rules you the same way you rule us! Then you will get a taste your own medicine! This system of yours does not even compare to the rule of jungle! If you are so certain of your righteousness, and talents, why are you so fearful of being retold? Let the other parts of the world know about your wonderful system! And how wonderful you implement your laws! If you believe what you do is wrong and so low why do it?! Why would you put the country through this if you believe there will be a mockery out of you by the rest of the world?!!! How is it that your approved agents, and press reporters are allowed freely to get reports on other parts of the world? Where as in Iran, the international media is prohibited to take reports or even if they do, it must be approved by your government?! How is your television network correspondents are all over the world freely broadcasting your propaganda? But other News networks around the world either are not allowed to report about Iran or if they do, are mandated to report what you approve of?! Just to remain in power a bit longer, worth this tyranny and cruelty? Does this implementation of your made up law hurts your conscience?
 Now, I will give you my piece of mind, If you are afraid of flow of information, either abdicate, or stop the tyranny and oppression! Don't arrest, torture, slaughter, so there won't be any flow of news! Otherwise, not only we will inform, but soon enough we will bring down your system of oppression and injustice. disclosing of injustice and human right violations is the duty of every individual of a society, and if anybody comes short on this matter, is betraying it's own conscience!
 The ones chose to be silenced shall dug a hole for themselves! And you Gentlemen are willing to keep us quiet even if this dissent was expressed in a private family corner! So stop threatening because we know of no fear! We are not afraid of your torture and flog! You can't make us silence of informing! If your slogan is arrest and torture to make us silent and keep out the information, our motto is we are in for the battle, and in this path either we shall be free of our body or your cage! Viva Iran Viva Iranians;
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