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UN General Assembly 3rd Committee strongly condemns Iran on gross human rights violations

UNGA Third Committee
The United Nations General Assembly’s Third Committee strongly condemned the clerical dictatorship ruling Iran over executions, torture of prisoners and human rights violations, the UN Website reported.
The Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran in his speech in the Third Committee called on Iran to release all political prisoners and executions to be halted.
Furthermore, representatives of various countries across the world including the European Union, United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Brazil condemned Iran for its crimes and called for a still in the executions.
UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran Ahmad Shaheed’s 23-page report to the UN General Assembly states that political prisoners continue to be deprived of medical services which have led to the death of at least two prisoners including Mansour Radpoor in Gohardasht Prison, west of Tehran. These reports also indicated the deteriorating health of political prisoners that are faced with poor hygiene conditions, deprived of adequate food and very rare access to their family members.
It is worth noting that PMOI member Mansour Radpoor passed away in May of this year in Gohardasht Prison after enduring 5 years in jail in the mullahs’ dungeons while enduring inhuman pressures imposed by the regime’s henchmen, interrogators and torturers. He bravely stood for the freedom of the Iranian people.
Following the Special Rapporteur’s speech, representatives of various countries in their speeches condemned human rights violations in Iran under the mullahs’ dictatorship. They called on the Special Rapporteur for measures to impel the regime to abide by its international obligations.
The US representative said repression in Iran is far worse than dreadful. Torture and execution of political prisoners are examples of violating international covenants of political and civil rights. Many in Iran are sentenced to death without undergoing any judicial procedure merely for attempting to practice their right of freedom.
The European Union delegation said it is deeply concerned over the human rights situation in Iran because all five global conventions on human rights are being violated by Iran. It is necessary, they added, for the trend of executions in Iran to be taken into special consideration.
Condemning human rights violations and executions in Iran, the UK representative called the Special Rapporteur for urgent action in this regard.
The Canadian representative condemned torture and other cruel punishments enforced by the Iranian regime, saying it is deeply concerned over the human rights situation in Iran. The Canadian envoy expressed worries over depriving rights, including freedom of speech and assembly and restrictions against women in Iran.
Also, the Norwegian representative expressed concerns over the widespread human rights violations and demanded the release of political prisoners.
Representatives of various countries including Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Brazil called for international action to stop executions in Iran.
Iran’s representative in this session had an outburst response in this session to the wave of condemnations from the Special Rapporteur and various countries.
Why aren’t human rights violations in Canada, the European Union and US taken into consideration, the mullahs’ representative complained.
It is worth noting that in contrast to previous sessions where the regime’s allies, consisting of various governments who themselves have records of human rights violations, rose in defense of the mullahs, in this year’s session only China – the world record holder in executions – supported Iran.
It is Iran’s choice how to protect human rights, the Chinese government representative said in its infamous defense of the bloodthirsty mullahs ruling Iran. 

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