Saturday, October 27, 2012

A terrible revenge against a defenseless prisoner by the jail officials

According to the received reports by “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”, the prisoner, Sadegh Koohi, was executed along with two other prisoners, in Wednesday morning, Oct. 24th, only because he complained and defended himself after physically torturing and abusiveness to his family by Ali Khadem, the jail deputy of Gohardasht prison in Karaj city.
On Sunday, Oct. 14th, Sadegh Koohi, who was imprisoned in the solitary confinements of Section 10, for a long period , and then was transferred to solitary confinements of Section 1, was physically tortured and abused with family insults by Ali Khadem, the jail deputy, in the presence of his cellmates. The prisoner, Sadegh Koohi, complained to defend himself , led to a physically clash between he and Ali Khadem, and subsequently Ali Khadem together with his guards escaped from Section 1.
Afterward, Ali Khadem, the jail deputy, known as one of the worst torturers and murderers in Gohardasht prison in Karaj city, demanded Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi, Tehran prosecutor, to execute the prisoner. The prosecutor immediately accepted this inhumane death penalty for the defenseless prisoner. Tehran prosecutor, and jail officials contacted the plaintiff of prisoner, Sadegh Koohi, and announced him that he must meet them on Tuesday. The plaintiff forgave the prisoner at the last moments, but faced the screams and cries by Ali Khadem forcing the plaintiff not to satisfy.
At the place of execution the warden, Mohammad Mardani, , the jail deputy, Ali Khadem, and the head of jail intelligence, Farajinejad were present. They disregard the forgiveness by plaintiff, and Ali Khadem himself put the corded around the prisoner’s neck and Mohammad Mardani removed the footstool under this undefended prisoners’ feet, and killed him.
The prisoner, Sadegh Koohi, was 27, and had been arrested in 2004 and was imprisoned until 24th of October,2012.
“Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”, condemns the inhumane revenge of this defenseless prisoner, only because he resisted and complained the physically torturing and insulting his family, as a crime against humanity, and urges the general secretary of UN, high commissioner of human rights, and the other International authorities to refer the case of Supreme leader, Mullah Ali khamenei, crimes against humanity to International courts to be trialed.

“Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”
27 October 2012

This report was sent to following organizations:
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
UN Special Rapporteur on Executions
UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights
Amnesty International

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