Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mullahs’ Regime Executes 3 Baluchi fellow political prisoners in Zahedan, Iran

According to the reports received by the “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” (HRDAI), three Baluchi fellow prisoners Abdolbaset Rigi, Abdoljalil Kahrazehi and Yahya Chari Zehi were hanged in Zahedan prison at dawn this morning on charge of Moharebeh (enmity against God).
On Sunday, October 21, 2012 in a blind and inhumane revenge by Ali Khamenei’s mullahs’ regime, three fellow Baluch political prisoners were hanged in Zahedan prison. Two of them were moved into solitary confinements from the torture chambers of Ministry of Intelligence and the other, Abdolbaset Rigi, 25, was removed from the general ward of the prison around 15:00 PM on Saturday 20th of October and was sent to the solitary confinement for executing the inhumane death sentence.  
Political prisoner, Abdulbaset Rigi was an Internet activist who published the human rights violations’ news in Sistan and Baluchestan province. He was arrested 3 years ago and spent about 11 mouths in solitary confinements of Department of Intelligence Ministry under the most severe physical and psychological tortures and was forced into televised confessions against himself.
On the other hand, he was only sentenced to death in the lower court and even his conviction had not upheld by the Supreme Court. The courageous political prisoner, Abdulbaset Rigi actively leaked out the human rights violations’ news occurring in the Zahedan prison.       
Previously all the families of political prisoners in Zahedan had been threatened by the Department of Intelligence Ministry that if anything happens in the province, their imprisoned children will be executed. In fact, a few days ago the Zahedan city prosecutor Mohammad Marzieh said the local news agencies that he will soon take revenge.
Political prisoner Abdulvahab Rigi, brother of freedom fighter martyr Abdulbaset Rigi, who was arrested in September 2010 at age 17, in May this year following a hunger strike by Baluch prisoners to protest the medieval conditions of Zahedan prison, was exiled to Qazvin prison alongside dangerous criminals. He is also sentenced to death.
Almost all Baluch political prisoners simply because their relatives had been involved in political activities are being held in prison as hostages.
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran condemns execution of three fellow Baluch political prisoners as a crime against humanity and urges the UN Secretary General, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to refer the supreme mullah Ali Khamenei’s case to the international courts for ending violations of human rights and crime against humanity in Iran.      
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
October 21, 2012

The above report was sent to the following organizations:
-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
-UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
-UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights
-UN Special Rapporteur on arbitrary executions
-Amnesty International  

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