Monday, October 22, 2012

Tension and public anger throughout the Baluchistan province due to the intelligence ministry interrogators’ intent for exhumation of an executed political prisoner

According to the reports received by the “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”, following the inhumane execution of 3 fellow Baluch political prisoners in Zahedan city, the provincial capital of Baluchistan Province of Iran, the interrogators refused to surrender the corpses of the executed prisoners to their families, but Rigi family ignoring the inhumane behavior of the interrogators and insisting on their basic rights, attempted to take Abdulbaset’s body from the mortuary, and moved it to the cemetery for the funeral ceremony.

On the other hand, the intelligence ministry interrogators and the Mullahs’ regime security forces in the province are extremely angry because of their inability to satisfy their inhumane intention for secretly burying the bodies. Hence, they seek as of yesterday, to exhume the grave and transfer this freedom fighter martyr’s corps to an unknown place for burying. It should be noted that exhumation is known as the worst insult to a dead based on the dominant culture in this region.

The Rigi family and the city residents are present there, beside the tomb of their loved ones and have been able to obstruct the regime’s agents intention until now. They have insisted that in case the officers want to execute their will, massive protests would certainly occur throughout the province with unpredictable dimensions.

The Prosecutor in a completely false statement yesterday attributed the Zahedan mosque explosion to Abdulbaset Rigi for justification and legitimacy of these inhuman executions; this is while no reference is made to such accusations in the existing lawsuit.

Abdulbast Rigi was an internet activist who leaked out the human rights violations’ news. To clarify the issue, the Mullah’s regime must allow an impartial international investigation committee to look into the facts, not behind the doors of torturing chambers, and nor in the rooms, so called the ‘courts’ in which the Intelligence Ministry interrogators issue death sentence verdicts against defendants. The prosecutor's statement also claimed that their sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court; however, neither the accused nor their families were aware of such a lie.

The bodies of 2 other executed fellow Baluch political prisoners, Abduljalil Karazehi, 24, who was arrested in December 2010 in his hometown, Khash city, and Yahya Charizehi, 24, arrested in Iranshahr, were not delivered to their families and buried in unknown places. The regime agents deprived these two families of their right for holding a funeral ceremony for the corpses of their loved ones.

In order to halt such prevarication and inhumanity executions under different justifications, especially against the political prisoners, “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” urges the UN to send a fact-finding committee for investigating and clarifying the facts and ending the mass execution of political prisoners in Iran.

“Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” condemns the execution of these three fellow Baluchi political prisoners as a crime against humanity, and urges the UN Secretary General, High Commissioner for Human Rights, and UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to refer Ali Khamenei’s case of against humanity deeds to the international courts for trial.

“Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”
22th October 2012

The above report was sent to following organizations:
-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
-UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
-UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights
-UN Special Rapporteur on arbitrary executions
-Amnesty International

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