Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Murder and torture of defenseless prisoners by the jailers in Bandar Abbas central prison

Artwork by Reza Olia, Iranian painter

According to the reports received by the “Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran” (HRDAI), a young, defenseless prisoner lost his life in the central prison of Bandar Abbas due to lack of medical treatment.
On Tuesday Jan. 02, 2013, A 30 year old prisoner, Abd-ol-Rahman Daryanavard who had been transferred from Roudan jail of Hormozgan Province to Bandar Abbas central prison due to deterioration of his physical conditions, died following receiving no treatment and inhibition of the prison Chief of referring him to the hospitals in town. His corpse left unattended for several hours.
If this prisoner promptly transferred to a hospital in Bandar Abbas, certainly his life could be saved.
But one of the usual inhumane methods that is common in all of the mullahs' regime the prisons is inhibition of defenseless prisoners from receiving medical treatment so that the imprisoned are murdered through the pains and suffering from ailments.  
Also the prisoner Ali Ameri, nearly 28 years old, was transferred to solitary confinement called special cells for protesting against the medieval conditions governing the prison and the exhausting pressures and brutal behavior of Khamenei prison guards.
Khamenei’s tormentors tortured this young prisoner to such an extent that he was on the verge of death. Of the tortures that were used against him, hung up for a long time, torturing using hemlock and electric truncheon and most criminal sexual assault, that is torture of defenseless prisoners through dipping baton to his anus. Systematically torturing through anal rape of prisoners is common in almost all Ali Khamenei’s prisons.
The injuries from the torture of this prisoner were so severe that he was hospitalized for 16 days in Mohammadi hospital of Bandar Abbas, and was returned the ward 3 of Bandar Abbas central prison on Monday Jan. 01, 2013. The prisoner's physical and mental condition is very poor. On the other hand, all his personal belongings were stolen during his hospitalization period he can’t afford to buy them again.   
Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran condemns inhibition of medical treatment for the patient prisoners and implementation of medieval, barbaric and inhuman tortures in Mullah Ali Khameni’s prisons against the defenseless prisoners. We urge the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to refer Ali Khamenei’s case to the international courts for trial to end the against humanity deeds of Iranian regime.

Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran
January 08, 2013
The above report was sent to the following organizations:
-UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
-UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights
-Amnesty International 


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