Saturday, December 15, 2012

New ways of barbaric tortures against defenseless prisoners in Zahedan prison

Artwork by Mana Neyestani, Iranian cartoonist
Based on the received reports by “Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran”,new ways of barbaric tortures against defenseless prisoners are used by guards of supreme leader in Zahedan prison.
One of the methods of inhumane tortures which is used for long time in Zahedan prison against defenseless prisoners is as follows: In one of the corridors of prison, some bars are installed on the wall with 180 Cm height. The hands of prisoner are tied by bracelets to these bars and the prisoner is hanged for 6 days and nights.
The prisoner can use just three times the bathroom and 3 meals with poor quality.
The defenseless prisoner is exposed to cold outdoor climate of the desert and cannot change clothes.
The prisoner is physically and psychologically weakened by the cold weather, lacking of the proper cloths, enough sleep and food.    
The guards of supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, tie the prisoner in a place such that all other prisoners can see to insult and create intimidate atmosphere in the prison to prevent them defending their rights.
On the other hand, the prisoner is forced to eat castor oil few times a day that results in diarrhea and dehydration and makes difficult conditions for the prisoner.
After these tortures the prisoner suffers from the pains in kidney, gastrointestinal upset and muscles  discomfort.
One of the prisoners, Reza Sayadi, 37 years old, was under this kind of torture on Turseday, 13 Dec.
Previously, he was tortured in this way for 3 days, and because of disclosing of the torture, he supposed to be 6 more days under this torture.
Mohammad Narouei, the Chief inspector of the Zahedan prison, is one of torturers and criminals against humanity that provides drugs for mafia bands in the prison to sell to the prisoners who need to escape pains and medieval conditions for a while, and send the money to Narouei. This torturer and criminal against humanity is extremely cruel and inhumane that made this kind of torture.
The policy of mass executions , torturing, oppression is ordered by Mullah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the regime, and is executed by  sadegh Larijani who is in the list of international human rights violators and criminals against humanity, Mullah Moslehi, the intelligence minister through interrogators and torturers of intelligence ministry, and Soleimani, the chief of prisons organization.
The mullahs call these inhumane actions as Islamic compassion type of the mullah’s regime.
“Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran”condemns using the new kinds of inhumane tortures which gradually is disclosure, and urges High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur, and other international authorities to refer mullah Ali Khamenei case to the international  court.

“Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran”
14 Dec 2012-12-22

The above report has been sent to the following organizations:
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights
Amnesty International

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