Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mullah’s regime prosecutor in Zahedan threatens the father of Baloch political prisoner to choose between a televised interview against his son or his death

Artwork by Iranian cartonist: Badban 

According to the reports received by the “Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran” (HRDAI), Zahedan city prosecutor Mohammad Marziyeh puts the Baloch political prisoners’ families under pressure to choose between death of their children or taking part in televised interviews against them.
During the last few days, Mohammad Mrziyeh, Khamenei’s prosecutor in the city of Zahedan has summoned Mr. Mohammad Rigi many times and has put him under severe pressure to persuade him for attending a televised interview and repeat what the regime dictates against his son who has been convicted to death sentence.  
Mohammad Mrziyeh has threatened Mr. Mohammad Reza Rigi that he will execute Rigi’s son, Abdulvaheb if he refrains from having a television interview against his child.
Abdulvaheb Rigi, who was arrested at age 17, has been sentenced to death. He had long been exiled to Qazvin prison, but two weeks ago, after the news of his exile spread, the teenager was moved to ward 1 of Zahedan prison, known as adolescents’ ward. Threatening and pressure on this political prisoner’s father has been intensified after his transference to Zahedan prison. 
 It must be mentioned that the other children of the family Abdulbasit Rigi who was an internet activist was executed in Zahedan prison a while ago, along with two other fellow Baloch political prisoners.
From the most notably officials who play major role in bloody suppression of the Balochi people and execution of the Baloch fellow political prisoners, Mohammad Marziyeh, General Attorney of Zahedan, Colonel Zakeri, one of the security officials of the province, Commander Bashir Ahmad Rigi (who is said to be the 4th in security officials’ ranking of the Province) and Mahgoli, the branch 1 head of Zahedan Revolutionary Court can be mentioned. Mahgoli issues all the death sentences and heavy punishments against the Baloch political prisoners. The above mentioned officials commit systematic and organized crime against humanity in Sistan and Baluchestan Province.
Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran condemns citation, interrogation and pressuring the Baloch fellow political prisoners’ families for taking part in false TV confessions against their children and threatening them of hanging their children if the families refrain to participate in such scandalous interviews. We urge the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other international authorities to refer Ali Khamenei’s case to the international courts for trial in order to halt the crimes against humanity in Iran.

Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran
December 11, 2012
The above report was sent to the following organizations:
-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
-UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
-UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights
-Amnesty International 


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