Wednesday, December 5, 2012

About 40 girl students injured and possibly killed in a tragic fire

According to the reports received by the Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran, due to explosion of a traditional faulty heater and the subsequent fire in a girls’ school this morning about 40 girl students were severely burnt, or some dead as it is said.     
On Wednesday 5 December 2012 at 8:30 in the morning in Enghelab Elementary Girl School in Shinabad, one of the Piranshahr environs due to explosion of a heater in grade 4 of the school and the subsequent firing some 40 little girls who were present in the class were severely burnt and some killed as some witnessed say.     
During the fire for unknown reasons, the classroom door was locked and the wounded and possibly dead children were taken out of the classroom through windows. It is said that the wounded were transferred to Urmia Hospital.
 Despite the fact that the largest gas resources of the world belong to Iran, the schools however must use worn-out traditional heaters up to such a horrible disaster and the innocent little girls are burnt in the fire. 
Mullah Ali Khamenei's regime spends billions of Iran's oil revenues on bomb, terrorism in the world through supporting terrorist groups and suppressing the Iranian people. But innocent Iranian students have to warm up themselves using traditional and worn-out heaters and suffer from such atrocities.
Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran expresses sympathy for the families of these compatriot Kurd students and condemns the regime’s negligence and indifference toward the students’ fate by either killing them in Pilgrimage Caravan sent to previous battlefields of Iran-Iraq war or causing death to them in such horrific accidents.      

Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran
December 5, 2012

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