Friday, November 30, 2012

Torture and threatening to exile of Baluchi fellow political prisoners

Torture, By Reza Olia

According to the reports received by the "Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran", three Baluchi political compatriots were transferred to the Intelligence Bureau of Zahedan central prison and were put under interrogations accompanied with physical torture and threatening of enforced exile.   
On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 the political prisoners Habib Riginejad Shouraki and Ayyoub Rigi together with one of the non-political prisoners called Yarmohamad Sholehbar who had contacts with the in jail were called to the intelligence bureau of Zahedan central prison and were interrogated and physically and psychologically tortured were threatened for enforced exile to Khalkhal prison (northwest of Iran).  
Habib Riginejad Shouraki and Ayyoub Rigi, the political prisoners were returned back to the ward 4 after several hours of interrogations. These two prisoners are kept in the prison as hostage for the mere reason of being from the Rigi Tribe. Mohamad Marzieyeh, the General Attorney of Mollah Ali Khamenei’s in Sistan and Baluchistan province has frequently threatened the tribes’ families that he will hang the hostage members in case any single accident of any kind happens against the regime in the province.     
Yarmohamad Sholehbar, the third prisoner was transferred into the solitary confinements of the prison quarantine. During the move into his cell he was intensely tortured and was jailed in a cell lacking any kind of primary hygiene requirements; His diet has been reduced to the limit of viability.
This prisoner is currently being held in solitary confinement in handcuffs and shackles. He is now spending his lifetime in prison for several months without any foreseeable decision by the officials. One of the reasons for his transfer to solitary cells was his protest against inhumane prison conditions, severe reduction of the prisoners’ diet and catastrophic health status of the prison and medical negligence towards the inmates. 
The prisoner Yarmohamad Sholehbar is now in hunger strike since moved into the solitary confinements and is certain of continuing it.  
A Torturer called “Gholami” who is the chief of the intelligence bureau of Zahedan province is responsible for the inhuman physical and psychological tortures against the political and non-political prisoners who raise strong objections to the inhuman conditions of the prison. 
Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran condemns the brutal torturing and threatening of the defenseless prisoners to exile them from their residence to the far distanced points and urges the UN Secretary General, High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to refer the case of crimes against humanity of Mullah Ali khamenei to International judiciary authorities courts for trial to end the against humanity crimes of the Mullahs’ regime in Iran.

“Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran”  November 30, 2012

The above report was sent to the following organizations:
-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
-UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
-UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights
-Amnesty International

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