Saturday, November 3, 2012

The jailed blogger is endangered since the Intelligence Ministry interrogators disagreed his treatment

Iranian jailed blogger, Mohammad Reza Pourshajari
(Siamak Mehr)
According to the received reports by “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”, the jailed blogger, Mohammad Reza Pourshajari (Siamak Mehr), is in a poor health condition without access to the treatment.
This jailed blogger, in addition to a few diseases caused by 8 months being in solitary confinements and physically and psychologically torturing, is prevented to be cured by the order of Intelligence Ministry interrogators. Some time ago, he fell into coma because of a cardiac artery blockage and eventually was hospitalized in Karaj prison clinic.
One of the doctors in the clinic of Gohardasht prison treated him during the unconsciousness and coma and said to him and the staff that he should be considered for testing in a hospital outside the prison for attempting to unblock the coronary artery, otherwise, he will have a heart attack and a serious threat to his life.
But, the Intelligence Ministry interrogators, who have the absolute authority to decide about political prisoners, prevented him to stay in the clinic and transferred him to the central penitentiary prison of Karaj. From that date  until now, he is banned to access to treatment and medicine, and his life is in danger.
“Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”, is warning about the serious threatening of this jailed blogger life , and urges high commissioner of human rights and Special Rapporteur to intervene and stop these crimes against humanity in Iran by referring the Mullah Ali Khamenei case to the international courts.

“Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”
3 November 2012

This report was sent to following organizations:
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
UN Special Rapporteur
Amnesty International

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