Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Campaign for halting torture and execution in Iran

We are a group of Iranian youth active in social networks. We are engaging in activities against imprisonment, torture and execution in Iran. Identification, arrest and detention, torture and group executions are daily calamities happening continuously over the past 33 years in Iran. 
There is no a single day in which we do not hear the news of torture and executions through stoning in Iran, especially the execution of teenagers haven’t grown up to the legal age for accountability for criminal actions. The news are shocking. 
Recently a blogger worker was detained for simply writhing critical posts and was tortured to death within a week. The prisoners who have seen him in Evin prison wrote a letter addressing the world public: “we have seen Sattar Beheshti when they brought him out of the hell to the earth.”
Wall Street Journal reported: “An unknown blogger killed under torture when detained by the MPs (for Tehran)”…Sattar Beheshti, 35, was a day laborer who wrote about the suffering of people around him and criticized the Iranian regime. Political Prisoners in Iran disappear, often without charge or trial… although once an unknown blogger, Sattar Beheshti is now the newer champion of the democracy movement advocates in Iran. His writings have been widely distributed this week.”
Jamil Savidi, another worker prisoner, was killed under brutal torture during the past few days. Sattar Syyahi was an Iranian poet in Ahwaz City, southern of Iran who was frequently threatened to death for criticizing the regime and eventually murdered. Hassan Mohamadi, a Kurdish political prisoner was executed as a drug smuggler together with four others. His brother immediately denied such allegations and announced that he was a political prisoner and Mohammadi’s family has long been opponents of the Islamic Republic.
These are a small part of the recent days’ black record of the religious fascism ruling Iran, which has hurts the conscience of every man. Hassan and Sattar and Jamil are not the first victims of the Khamenei’s and Ahmadinezhad’s suppression machine. Evin, Gohardasht and hundreds of the small and large prisons, overt and covert, managed by the Mullahs regime’s criminals, have been the torturing and death chambers of hundreds of thousands political prisoners in the black era of Islamic Republic of Iran.
Currently a large number of the political prisoners are under pressure, torture and subject to subject to murder and execution; Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani, etc. is just one of thousands. Nasrin Sotoudeh is an imprisoned lawyer and mother of two young children who has been banned from visiting her children and her spouse and she is now in hunger strike. Abolfazl Abedini is one of the prisoners who testified about his observations of Sattar Beheshti’s torture. He was exiled from Evin prison of Iran to Ahvaz prison. Abedini has said that he will go unlimited hunger strike to protest against his exile. Arzhang Davoodi the political prisoner was exiled to Bandar Abbas after spending 127 days in solitary confinements of ward 209 of Evin prison.
Masoumeh Dehghan, the spouse of the imprisoned lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani, was sentenced to one year imprisonment and ban on leaving the country to five years.
The prison guards have prevented from delivering of medicine to the political prisoner Zahra Mansouri, and her life is in danger due to epilepsy.
Political prisoner Ali Moezzi has been moved to solitary confinement, deprived of having visitors. Ali Moezzi has been jailed on charges of moharebeh (war against God) and supporting the MEK; He is suffering from cancer and he is not allowed to treat.
In order to prevent the prisoners from communicating with outside, noise waves are dispatched to disrupt the prisoners’ telephone communication means.
This extremely inhumane act has endangered the prisoners’ health and has caused dry mucosa, muscle aches and severe headaches among the political prisoners.
At least 100 prisoners have been executed collectively. Within the past 24 days, at least 100 prisoners have been collectively and arbitrarily executed.
The lack of a firm policy towards the Iranian regime and the continued diplomatic relations and economic transactions with the mullahs Just fuels the torture, terror and execution machinery as well as their nuclear projects. We demand all the human rights advocates and social networks activists like Twitter and Facebook etc., to assist and accompany us in the campaign of preventing the torture and execution in Iran.

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